Fire Lily

Fire Lily

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This fabric is available from March 2019.

This is a high quality organic soft modern cotton jersey fabric, printed using ecologically-safe transfer sublimation inks that provide vibrant color and strong wash durability. This colourful watercolor artprint was inspired by flowers and is designed from an original watercolor by Anna Hedeklint.

The fabric weighs 210 gsm and has plenty of stretch and a cotton-like, luxurious feel.

This cotton spandex jersey is 140 cm wide (55 inches) and is available in 50 cm (20 inches) 1 meter (40 inches approx) 1,5 meters (59 inches) or 2 meters length (78 inches).

This fabric is perfect for sewing projects such as dresses, tops, leggings, blouses, t-shirts, wrap dresses, loungewear .

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