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The Sailaway fabric is an organic soft cotton knit jersey fabric, printed and produced by a European manufacturer. This colourful watercolor artprint is inspired by the Scandinavian coastline and includes nautical themes, lighthouses, puffin birds and boats, designed from original watercolors painted by Anna Hedeklint.

This fabric is produced and printed using eco-friendly digital printing in Europe which means low impact on the environment during the production process.

This organic cotton knit jersey is approx. 145 cm wide (58 inches) and is available in four different lenghts: 50 cm (20 inches) 1 meter (40 inches approx) 1,5 meters (59 inches) or 2 meters length (78 inches).

This fabric is perfect for sewing projects such as baby clothes, leggings, hats, shirts, t-shirts, loungewear and lots of baby apparel.

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