Prebook: Stars & Stones

Prebook: Stars & Stones

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This fabric is available from February 2019 and can only be prebooked at this time!

This is a high quality organic soft modern cotton jersey fabric, printed, produced by a GOTS certified manufacturer in Turkey. This abstract watercolor artprint has a colour range between light blue, grey and white circular planets, stones and stars on a black background, designed from an original watercolor by Anna Hedeklint.

The fabrics are produced and printed in a GOTS certified manufacturing company in Turkey using eco-friendly digital printing.

This cotton spandex jersey is 160 cm wide (63 inches) and is available in 50 cm (20 inches) 1meter (40 inches approx) 1,5 meters (59 inches) or 2 meters length (78 inches).

This fabrics is perfect for sewing projects such as dresses, leggings, quilting projects, skirts, hats, shirts, t-shirts, loungewear and lots of baby apparel.

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